“I’ve had several Reiki sessions with Kristen now and whilst each one is different, I always feel lighter afterwards. In one particular session I felt deeply connected to a loved one who I lost months earlier: I wasn’t expecting it, it was very powerful and it felt like a kind of healing in some way. Kristen made me feel very comfortable, which is important as it can be quite an intense experience but in the most positive way. Thank you Lit from Within 🙏🏻
Juliette  -  Nutritionist,
“I can tell you that when I walked into my first Reiki session with Kristen I had no idea what to expect. I felt like I was fine but had a psoriasis flare so deep down I knew there was something going on and I didn’t know what it was... I had 3 sessions in 3 weeks and each one was different. The first one was a roller coaster of sensations and colors, the second one was less dramatic but still some colors and sensations and the last one was like a peaceful warm bath, I even think I fell asleep! I still don’t know what was going on on with me but after the sessions my psoriasis fire was less itchy and I could sleep better (according to my fit bit 🤣). Energy is something real and for sure we need help to align it once in a while; or more often if you can.”
Karen - Full-time Mom,
“I recently had not only my first ever Reiki session but also my first remote Reiki session. I wasn't sure what to expect but from the beginning I felt in safe hands as Kristen stepped me through what I could expect and what she would be doing. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to switch off properly but Kristen shared a link to some chanting that really helped relax the mind. As the session progressed I was surprised that I was able to feel the energy like gentle electricity flowing in waves across my body and into my fingertips. By the end of the session which was approximately 45 mins I was totally relaxed and would for sure recommend Kristen. Remote Reiki is an ideal option if you find yourself experiencing lock-down and want to rejuvenate, re-balance, de-stress, and find your peace within!”
Joanne - Corporate Recruiter,
“I would highly recommend Kristen as a Reiki healer. When I attended a session she made me feel welcome and relaxed. She asked me if I had any questions and talked me through what would happen during the session. I felt very peaceful during the healing and Kristen took the time to talk through my experiences at the end. Overall I found the treatment very beneficial and I would recommend attending a Reiki session with Kristen to everyone. It’s good for your soul!”
Emma - School Teacher,