Kristen Araoz Gridley

Reiki Master, Life Coach

I’ve always felt a connection to the spirit world. I somehow instinctively knew that this life, this physical world we live in is not all that exists. I was raised in a mostly Christian community but we weren’t religious. I was encouraged to figure out for myself what I believed. As a kid I called them “ghosts” or “good and evil spirits” or even “angels and demons.” I was scared to interact with the spirit presence I often felt around me but I respected it. Once I started reading about mediums and past lives and energy healing I realized what I had always felt was hovering closely to me as a child was something not to be feared but to be embraced.

I finally went to see a highly recommended medium when I was in my mid-thirties. It was life changing. Then my husband and I made a big move to Southeast Asia and I could feel the presence of other-worldliness everywhere! I felt called to explore. I traveled alone to a spiritual retreat in Bali where I learned about Shamanism, Reiki, past lives, soul traveling, and the Universal Life Force that creates and energizes everything we see, smell, taste, touch, and feel. I finally welcomed my connection to the spirit world!

For a few years I focused on my own personal journey. Although I was given the tools to practice Reiki and Shamanic healing early on, I didn’t feel called to be a healer until 2020. I was recovering from an injury and some health issues, and Western medicine was not helping anymore. So I went to a Reiki healer. It was there I rediscovered how incredible the power of Reiki really is. The moment he mentioned to me that I should consider becoming a healer I said “YES!” I just knew in that instant that the time had come to share what I had previously been keeping all for myself.

I was called to do this work. To help people. To be a healer. To be a channel for the unconditional love and wisdom that the Universal Life Force provides.

I’m now living in Phuket, Thailand with my family. There is something so magical about this part of the world! I didn’t know what my soul was missing until I lived here. As a former marketing and event coordinating professional in a fast paced industry, I understand more than ever the benefits of slowing down and allowing yourself to breathe, to open up to the universe, to allow yourself to experience something new and powerful. In doing so, the real healing begins.