Listening to Your Gut

We’ve all used this phrase before, right? We’ve all done, or not done something because our “gut” was telling us so. I’d like to throw out an idea here just to shake things up (because challenging the norm is kind of my thing). Anyway, the idea is that our “gut” feelings are not feelings bubbling up from within our own physical bodies but actually messages coming from spirit. Hear me out…

I believe that spirit is all around us, every moment of every day. Spirit can be several things. The ones I interact with are spirit guides, archangels, deceased loved ones, helping spirits, healing spirits, and spirit animals. Each of these “classifications,” for lack of a better term, mean something different to me. Other people may call them, angels, ghosts, apparitions, power animals, or a number of other spiritual monikers. Whatever you call them, they’re always there. We all have spirits trying to help us navigate through this life.

Looking for Answers

After the pandemonium of 2020 and the unforeseen state of the world as we settle firmly into 2021, I’m seeing a surge of more people praying, meditating, trying natural, holistic, and energetic approaches to different facets of their lives. It seems that the pandemic has drawn many people outward, looking for answers in places they may have never looked before. These answers are out there for all of us! We only have to be open to hearing them. And by “hearing” I don’t mean with our ears, I mean with our souls, with our “guts.” When your gut is telling you something and you feel it strongly, your spirit guides are actively trying to get a message to you to either give you that little push you need to move forward or to warn you against something that could potentially be dangerous.

Receiving Messages

We all have the capability to receive messages from the spirit world. Some people are born with it and are so open to the spirit world that they don’t know any differently. Mediums are a prime example of this. There are mediums who see and hear spirit messages so clearly it’s as if they are having conversations with another person. Some people, like me, have had glimpses of things throughout life that give clues to “something else” being around us that doesn’t exist on this physical plane. Others have never thought of spirit as anything more than fairy tales and ghost stories and don’t believe at all. But, every one of us receives messages from spirit. Every. Single. One of us! It’s how we interpret, or sometimes ignore completely those messages that can help us be more open to receiving even more messages. It’s about challenging the status quo, thinking outside the box, flipping the script…enough cliches? Have I got your attention now?

Just Listen

Take time to notice things around you. Have you ever seen/heard/smelled something whilst you’re going about your daily routine and think, “Huh. That’s weird.” and then just go about the rest of your day without giving it another thought? I’m the first to admit these aren’t always messages that are meant to be interpreted but I can suggest a quick exercise you can try the next time something happens that stops you in your tracks. A few examples of these “weird” things are; a song coming on the radio that you’ve had stuck in your head but haven’t heard in forever, or you’re walking down the street and all of a sudden you can smell your grandmother’s cooking, or you’re sitting at a traffic light and a flock of birds flies right in front of your car, or you briefly see the face of a deceased loved one in a crowd only to look back and see a complete stranger. These aren’t coincidences. They’re messages, specifically for you from the spirit world. When this happens, take a minute to realize what you were thinking about or doing at that exact moment. Is there an obvious connection? Have you really been missing your grandfather and it was his face you saw in the crowd? He was likely just saying hello and letting you know he’s with you. There’s not always a deep meaning, sometimes it’s just nice to get a “hello” from a loved one. Or maybe you were thinking of a personal issue you are dealing with when the flock of birds flew by. There’s no obvious connection, right? This is where the internet can be your friend. What kind of birds were they? What color? Was it a lot of birds or just a couple? In this particular situation you would search for “animal totem.” Use different words to describe the birds and look for meanings. There will be a lot of interpretations out there but read through and see if any of them resonate with you.


It’s so easy to let these moments pass by unnoticed and quickly forgotten. Like with anything, practice will sharpen your skills. If you meditate, or even if you don’t, give it go and see where it takes you. When we meditate we can fully open ourselves up to energies we can’t see. Meditation can really raise our awareness of everything around us. If meditation isn’t your thing, that’s okay too. You can still be more conscious of things happening around you in your daily life. Make a concerted effort to notice more and be aware of your surroundings. As we start to become more aware, we can receive some pretty powerful messages…if we just listen.